1,236 Pairs Of Socks & 396 Pounds Of Food Donated

On November 1, the Sockers began the Club's first-ever "Season of Giving" campaign to support local non-profits. Thirty-three charities were a part of the initiative which will culminate Sunday with the "Season Of Giving" game. On Friday, supporters threw 1,236 pairs of socks onto the field after the Sockers scored their first goal to be donated to the San Diego Rescue Mission. On Sunday, the team collected nearly 400 pounds of food for the San Diego Food Bank. This Sunday, fans can donate gently-used cleats to Legacy Laces and join those who have already donated to be entered into the opportunity drawing for the $4,000 Freeflow Spa to be given away at the end of the 3rd period. We thank Sign Post Studio for the customize wrap on the spa.  Thank you to everyone who has donated to help our community.