Sockers & Barrio Logan College Institute Partner

The San Diego Sockers - presented by Kaiser Permanente - today announced a new community partnership with the Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI), an educational organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by preparing underserved students to be the first in their families to attend and graduate college through after-school programs that begin in the third grade.  

The Sockers and Flite Sports donated over $1,000 in apparel and equipment to BLCI's Soccer Program on August 14.

BLCI has five program locations in San Diego including the communities of Barrio Logan, Chula Vista, El Cajon, and an Upward Bound Program at King-Chavez Community High School and San Diego Promise Neighborhood at Perkins Elementary and San Diego High. 

The Sockers are in the process of connecting with a growing number of educational non-profits across the county and this collaboration will not only bring together the best of both organizations, but allow both organizations to combine their educational resources and athletic expertise to create an unforgettable, yet productive, process for both sides of the partnership.

The partnership was achieved with the intention of the Sockers to support BLCI's educational and soccer programs to enhance the experience for the students and players. Specifically, the Sockers’ reading program will be utilized to pour out this purpose. The program is intended for students to gain a sense of appreciation for reading and receive prizes in return for their participation. With a focus on reading comprehension and proficiency, students will download a reading log and document their minutes read over the duration of the program. Upon completion, the completed log can be turned in to Sockers’ staff for free tickets, swag items, on-field recognition at home matches, and more cool prizes. 

“This partnership will allow our organization to expand our reach and connect with additional educational-based nonprofits in San Diego," Sockers General Manager Sean Bowers stated. "We are thrilled for the opportunity to collaborate with a community organization in our city that values education, and the sport of soccer to the extent the Sockers have over many years. Sockers’ staff and players look forward to making a positive impact at BLCI for years to come.” 

BLCI works in neighborhoods in San Diego with low educational attainment, resulting in high poverty rates. Students are faced with difficult scenarios of becoming more at risk of successfully transitioning into the next stage of their lives beyond grade-level school, and becoming financially independent. This region of the county has overwhelmingly high numbers of students in comparison to counselors and other mentors that can assist the learning youth. Recognizing this, BLCI offers a 1:1 ratio of students to tutors resulting in 100% of participants graduating high school and enrolling in college out of the 750+ students served. Programs start in 3rd grade and extend throughout college while offering academic support, emotional intelligence building, and college and career exploration. 

“Statistically, low-income and first-generation college students have the lowest expected college completion rate – with a mere 21% of these students obtaining their college degree. BLCI Students have a college completion rate of 71%. Exceeding the average for all segments and more than tripling the rate of their peers who did not benefit from a program like ours.” Explains Sara Boquin, the CEO of BLCI. “Our partnership with The Sockers recognizes our students for their reading efforts and compliments our efforts to help bridge the learning gap for hundreds of children each year who have been systematically locked out of higher education.” 

BLCI, which was established in 1996, hopes to continue having its lasting impact on students and the collaboration between both forces will hope to make this process only easier as the Sockers continue connecting with the community in a variety of ways and supporting various educational programs. For more information on BLCI, please visit

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