Boris Pardo Featured In MASL Spotlight

by Pete Richmire

The MASL Spotlight is a new feature where we will get to know the stars of the League better through 10 questions. We will kick off the MASL Spotlight with goalkeeper Boris Pardo of the reigning Ron Newman Cup Champion San Diego Sockers.

Boris, first, congratulations on returning the Cup to San Diego!

1. Is a Championship a Championship, or does this one have a different feel to it following the unusual season 2021 was with all of the hurdles teams faced?

This Championship was definitely a special one. For the Club and personally. It was a unique experience considering all the hurdles we faced and the other teams around the league with players out with COVID and the constant testing throughout the week and every time we traveled. We lost a couple guys for a few weeks but because of our depth we were able to manage through those hurdles. Every team increased in depth and all-around quality with their rosters which was incredible to watch. This Championship marks #15 for the club and with its rich history of winning trophies, each one is as important as the last. Personally, it's my first. I've had a long career professionally and have never won a professional championship. So the feeling of winning a cup for the club I love and winning it near the backend of my career has been super special. Every single game this season for us was a challenge as we played every game on the road. We weren't able to play in front of our fans, friends, and families during the season until the Championship series so yea, it was extra special to give that to our supporters.  

2. San Diego played every game on the road this season which leads to our next question. Including every MASL city, which arena is the toughest to play a road game at?

I would say this season one of the most enjoyable and difficult places to play was KC. The boys in KC did a great job at home and really made it difficult on teams with their pressure. That field can cause problems for teams if you apply the right pressure on them.  

3. What is the one movie you could watch over and over, and not get tired of it?

Super Troopers 

4. What age did you begin playing soccer and when did you know you were meant to prevent other players from scoring?

Ever since I can walk, my father put a ball at my feet and always played around with it since. I would say around age 12/13 I started to take the GK position seriously. I loved to play the field but the running was not my favorite at the time :) It was fun to throw yourself around and block shots, and having an older brother who would shoot on me all the time was great to have.  

5. If the other team is lining up for a shoot-out against you, who is the player you least want to see on the other side of the ball?

Marcio Leite - not trying to be biased. I played against him many times while I was with KC. He's so difficult to read and defend in that situation. 

6. Who has the hardest shot you have faced in the MASL?

Good question....most shots are flying at you close range so it is difficult to gauge. Without discrediting all the other heavy hitters around the league, I would have to give credit to Guilherme from FL. The guy can shoot. 

7. Who is your favorite music artist/group?

I'm all over the spectrum but Bad Bunny is what I play most of the time. 

8. What is the biggest challenge, as a keeper, a player faces transitioning from the outdoor to the indoor game?

It took 2 years for me to adjust from outdoor to indoor. It's the speed of play, the use of the boards, the distance in shots you face, the change in technique as a goalkeeper with your stance and hands. I learned a lot from past GK's I played with and my short stint with the US Futsal team.  Oh yeah, and basically not caring to get knocked out if you take one to the head, that's a big one.

9. Where is your dream destination for a vacation?

A cabana in Maldives is on my bucket list. 

10. Will the San Diego Sockers repeat as Ron Newman Cup Champions next season and what will it take to make that happen?

If we bring the same attitude and mentality as we did during the playoffs, yes we take it again. I'm confident in my teammates and their abilities. It's a special team on and off the field and there's no other organization like it.