Introducing The New Sockers 2 Development Team

The Major Arena Soccer League 2 (M2) announced the conference alignment and schedule for its inaugural season. The San Diego Sockers will place its Sockers 2 development team in the new league, which begins on Saturday, December 2. Opening Weekend continues the following day on Sunday, December 3 as the Sockers 2 host the Ontario Fury II at 1:05 pm at the Sockers Indoor Center at the Valley View Casino Center.

“I am honored to be the player/coach for the new Sockers 2 team during this first season,” said Hughes. “Throughout my time as a player, I have always enjoyed working with the younger players on the team as they learn the indoor game, so it only fits that I take on this new role. The reserve/development team has always had a major impact on the success of the 1st team over the years. I expect that we will continue the tradition of past teams as we compete for the M2 championship.

Teams are split into two conferences, with five teams in the Eastern Conference, and five in the Western Conference. The top three teams from each conference will qualify for the post-season.

The Western Conference will feature the Arizona Impact, Colorado Inferno, Las Vegas Knights, Ontario Fury II and San Diego Sockers 2.

The Eastern Conference will feature the Chicago Mustangs, Cincinnati Swerve, Colorado Blizzard, Detroit Waza and Muskegon Risers.

Each team will play six games at home and six away, with a limited amount of inter-conference play.

The regular season will end on Sunday, March 4, highlighted by Western Conference rivals San Diego at Las Vegas in a playoff potential implication game. For more information, or to view the entire schedule, go to