MASL Announces Conference Alignment

The Major Arena Soccer League's Office of the Commissioner announced today the format for the upcoming 2022-23 season. The Ron Newman Cup Playoff format will be announced next week.

Eastern Conference - Baltimore, Florida, Harrisburg, Kansas City, Milwaukee, St Louis, Utica City

Western Conference - Chihuahua, Dallas, Empire, Mesquite, Monterrey, San Diego, Tacoma

All teams will play 24 games, 12 home and 12 away. Each team will play a balanced two home and two away out of conference games and 10 home and 10 away in conference games.

"We worked hard this year to achieve a schedule that balances competition between clubs with the economic factors of travel," said Keith Tozer, MASL Commissioner. "We are excited to begin the season with the 1-70 Series and Opening Weekend and look forward to a successful year on and off the field for our members and fans."

A full schedule will be announced at a later date.