New "Food For All" Community Program Kicks Off

The San Diego Sockers announced today that local organizations Fruit In The Box (FITB) and Murphy's Produce With Purpose (MPWP) have entered into a Community Engagement partnership with the Club. The partnership includes cross-marketing, event participation, and business relationship-building elements between the three organizations which will benefit the community.

MPWP, a local non-profit, provides fresh produce and other healthy options to those who don’t have easy access to nutritious whole foods, helping fight food insecurity, and promoting healthy eating habits. In 2020, MPWP provided over 800,000 pounds of food to local families. As part of their 2021 strategic plan, they hope to expand that outreach to over 1,500,000 pounds of food distributed.

"Murphy’s Produce with Purpose partners with Fruit in the Box to feed anyone, anytime, anywhere," said MPWP Owner Jim Murphy. "Joining the Sockers as a Community Engagement Partner will be beneficial in helping us serve more people."  

Over the past year, FITB and MPWP have partnered to help the community through weekly food distributions in a unique way. FITB offers people three options to purchase a box with a variety of fresh, delicious, and nutritious produce, while also supporting the food insecure families in our community. For every box sold to a customer, FITB donates a box to a family facing food insecurities throughout San Diego. In this way, people are helping others while filling their own fridge.

FITB Marketing Director Govindi Juneja stated, "Since we share similar philosophies on helping the community, partnering with the Sockers was an easy decision." She continued, "We also partner with local chefs, restaurants, and nutritionists to create cooking tutorials and provide nutritional education to kids throughout San Diego. The Sockers will help to promote this through their school and healthy lifestyle programs."

FITB and MPWP join the San Diego Food Bank and Feeding San Diego as Sockers community partners helping to fight food insecurities.

“As we return to a new normal, the Sockers are pleased and excited to begin renewing partnerships with local non-profits to benefit San Diego,” said Sockers General Manager Sean Bowers. "Building a relationship with Fruit In The Box and Murphy's Produce With Purpose is another positive step in supporting our community." 

The Sockers will begin defending their 2021 MASL Ron Newman Cup Championship in late November with a full 24-game schedule.

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