Sockers Unveil 16-Star Crest For 2022/23 Season

The San Diego Sockers unveiled their redesigned crest to reflect the addition of a sixteenth star for winning the 2022 Major Arena Soccer League Ron Newman Cup title in May. The new crest will immediately replace the “fifteen-star crest” as the team's logo for all purposes.

“Winning a championship means adding a star, and these are good problems to have,” said Sockers general manager Sean Bowers.

The updated crest was designed by the team's Creative Services department. Previously, the Sockers crest was filled with fifteen stars on the right side of the emblem (the left side references the city skyline). The new iteration sees fourteen stars in the right side panel with the fifteenth and sixteenth stars, representing the back-to-back MASL championships, added to the bottom of the crest.

“With us moving into Frontwave Arena next year, we only updated the current crest, so that we can unveil a completely new brand design for the 2023/24 season,” said Bowers. “The new crest reflects our current championships, our history, and winning tradition. We will proudly wear this season in search of a seventeenth star.”

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